Sounds Across Oceans and SunPAC present

Rare Voices

A rich collective of rare voices and stories from across the Asian region will be showcased in a special concert featuring some of Brisbane’s leading exponents of traditional and world music. The program will journey across the Asia Pacific region sharing songs, melodies and soundscapes that embody the cultural histories of our diverse communities.

This special event with bring together some of Brisbane’s premier Asian vocalists and instrumentalists, including internationally acclaimed Karnatic singer Charulatha Mani and Chinese folk singer Zi Wang alongside renowned local artists and instrumentalists . The program will include intimate traditional songs, pulsating world rhythms culminating in a hypnotic collective improvisations.

A new ‘emerging artist’ initiative designed to engage with Southside multicultural communities will offer several ‘spotlight’ opportunities for local emerging talent to perform alongside renowned industry professionals.

To learn more and get involved in the exciting Rare Voices program, click here.