Zen Zen Zo Theatre & Evolution Productions present:


Zen Zen Zo presents QUEENDOM ANIMALIA – an original and immersive dance-theatre show for young audiences. In an ecosystem were boys rule, join us as we celebrate the powerful leading ladies of the animal kingdom. Meet a parade of majestic and fierce animals, be invited into their nests, their homes, as they stake their claim in an ever-changing world. Entertaining and educational, learn how these matriarchs lead the way through song and hands-on play. Featuring live music and an ensemble of highly skilled physical performers, Zen Zen Zo is set to wow their audiences with their eclectic style.

About Zen Zen Zo

ZEN ZEN ZO is a Brisbane-based physical theatre company at the forefront of contemporary performance and training in Australia. Founded by Lynne Bradley & Simon Woods in 1992, the company has continually produced innovative theatre experiences that have challenged and delighted the audiences. Zen Zen Zo has created over 50 new productions ranging from radical reinterpretations of the classics to innovative self-devised works, many of which have been showcased at national and international festivals.